RG6 weather boot & seal

This is a weather boot/strain relief for all RG6 and RG59 coax cable connectors.
Includes a thread seal.
These will work with connectors up to 1 inch in length (most common).
We can install these for you on our custom made cables. Use the drop down box on the cable listings to add them to your cable. (Not available on 3 inch cables or 90 degree connectors.)
Cable with boot and seal

See below for installation instructions.

This first picture shows the thread seal. Notice that it has one end with a tapered outside edge, and recessed inside edge. This is the end that should face the cable when installed. Slide the seal on to the port you're connecting to, flat side first.
Thread seal

Thread seal installed

Now screw your fitting on the port and tighten it finger tight, then about 1/8 turn with a wrench. Don't over-tighten it, but make sure it is tight. Then, if necessary, slide the seal back over the end of the connector, only into the recessed area on the inside of the seal (the inside recess is about 1/8" deep). This step is only necessary on ports that are over the standard 1/2" long.
Connector installed to seal

Now slide the boot all the way up and over the seal. A dab of silicon grease or lube on the outside of the seal will help it slide on nicely, and insure a good seal. We use silicon grease on your cable end when we install your boot.
Your connection in now complete and weather sealed. Pro-Wired!
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